2024 Traditional Games

Juneau, Alaska

April 5 - 7, 2024

Juneau-Douglas Yaada.at Kalé High School

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2024 Livestream

The games will be livestreamed from noon to 6 pm, Saturday, April 6, and from 11 am to 5 pm, Sunday, April 7.

Saturday Livestream [Noon-6:00PM]:

Sunday Livestream [9:00 AM-5:30 PM]:


The Annual Traditional Games event is hosted in Juneau, Alaska each spring and includes 12 different games that test skills of strength, agility, balance, endurance and focus. These games are based on hunting and survival skills of the Indigenous people of Alaska and across the North going back hundreds of years. Athletes strive to perform at their personal best while helping and supporting their fellow competitors, no matter what team. This is the spirit of the games, to work together toward common goals and learn from the skills and values that allowed Alaska Native people to survive and thrive in some of the harshest conditions.

The Annual Traditional Games program is led by coach Kyle Kaayák’w Worl. kworl@tlingitandhaida.gov


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Juneau Traditional Games Flyer

Juneau Schedule 

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2022 Traditional Games

Where: Juneau, AK - Thunder Mountain High School, main gym
When: Saturday, April 2 - Sunday, April 3, 2022
Who: Ages 11+

Saturday, April 2
Middle School:
09:00 AM - Scissor Broad Jump/Kneel Jump
10:00 AM - Wrist Carry (Timed)/Prelim One-Foot High Kick
11:00 AM - Dene Stick Pull
12:00 AM - Awards
High School/Open:
12:15 PM - Scissor Broad Jump
12:30 PM - Kneel Jump
01:15 PM - Prelim One-Foot High Kick
01:30 PM - Wrist Carry Qualifier
02:30 PM - Dene Stick Pull
03:30 PM - Awards
04:00 PM - Break
Evening Events:
06:00 PM – Woosh.ji Een Dance Performance
06:30 PM - Opening Ceremony/Parade of Athletes
07:00 PM - One-Foot High Kick Finals
08:00 PM - Awards (One-Foot)
08:30 PM - Wrist Carry (distance) Finals (High School/Open)
09:00 PM - Airplane - Open Only
09:30 PM - Awards (Wrist Carry/Airplane)
Sunday, April 3
High School/Open Schedule (Main Gym):
09:00 AM – One Hand Reach
10:00 AM - Inuit Stick Pull
11:00 AM - Two-Foot High Kick
12:30 PM – Awards
01:30 PM - Alaskan High Kick
03:00 PM - Seal Hop/Knuckle Hop
03:30 PM - Awards/Closing Ceremony
04:00 PM - End of Day.
Middle School Schedule (Aux Gym):
09:30 AM – Inuit Stick Pull
10:30 AM – Two-Foot High Kick
11:30 AM – One Hand Reach
12:00 PM – Awards
01:00 PM – Alaskan High Kick
03:00 PM – Seal Hop (Main Gym)
03:30 PM - Awards/Closing Ceremony (Main Gym)
04:00 PM - End of Day

Registration Opens February 1st


Gunalchéesh! Háw’aa’uu! T’oya̱xsut ‘nüüsm!


The Traditional Games and Team Juneau are a community collaboration made possible by the following major sponsors: Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, Sealaska Heritage, Sealaska, University of Alaska Southeast, Select Physical Therapy, and the Juneau School District.